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Hellerau Photography Award


I want to share some impressions from the Hellerau Photography Award in Dresden. My Portrait “Mother” was selected by the jury to be finalist and exhibited within the framework of a strong field of Portraits.

There is a well produced catalogue available with all Portraits shown at the exhibition.

If you find your way to the beautiful city of Dresden: The exhibition is open until the end of March.

Helleru-Festsaal Portrait-Präsentation-1 Portrait-Präsentation-2

Project 16×20″ Large Format Camera – Part 3

During the last months Gibellini Projects & Co. was working hard to advance the prototype of the new 16×20″ camera into the final product. Check out part 1 and part 2 of the series to see the journey towards a completely new ultra large format camera.

Today I want to share with you the work in progress and some detailed information about the camera.

First of all I have to say that I couldn’t believe that it’s possible to build a 16×20″ large format camera with a weight of less than 10kg. But Alessandro Gibellini made it happen. The first model of the new camera design has a weight of only 8,5 kg witch is incredibly light. Now you might say lightness is one part of the party but stability is the other one. That’s true! Though it seems like Gibellini mastered that difficulty: Have a look at the picture below. The lens placed on the front standard of the camera is a 600mm Apo Ronar in a repro housing made of solid material and has a weight of about 5 kg. No additional support needed. Impressive.


And check out how small the camera is when folded.


Here is a gallery with some pictures of the camera already black anodized.

And finally: Check out this video of a 8×10″ camera to get an idea of the new 16X20″ unibody large format camera.

I can’t wait to get my hands on this camera and shoot the first wet plates with it.

Stay tuned!

Wet Plate Workshops in Berlin

Wet Plate Workshop in Berlin

I’m happy to announce, that I’m going to teach wet plate workshops in my new studio in Berlin. With the well known Lette Akademie I found a parter who is organizing everything for me and I can concentrate on my work and on the workshop content without getting lost in organization.

The next two workshops are for beginners and will be teached in German. These are the dates:

Workshop 1: 27.-28. Februar 2016

Workshop 2: 30. April-1. Mai 2016

Check out the website of the Lette Akademie for more informations and booking.

We are planing advanced workshops for an international audience in the near future, too. The subject will be than on individual coaching and analyzing with the goal to put yourself into the position to shoot the plates you want to see.

The Year 2015

Wet Plate Collodion

as this exciting year is coming to an end, I would like to give you a short overview of all those things that happened during the last 12 months and a quick preview of what’s to come in the next.

In february I have been in Kenya for a reportage, march was incredibly full with commercial jobs and in april my first book was finally published and since then sold to 10 different countries. In may I have been to a photography gathering in the Netherlands with 40 other Wet Plate photographers. For my Wet Plate landscape series SOURCE I have travelled all of Germany. In June I have been to England, where my first Platin/Palladium Prints were created.

Studio Berlin
„The art of photography“ featured a great video about me, my facebook page now has 2200 likes, my newsletter goes out to more then 1000 recipients and the German Foundation for analoughe photography published an exquisite journal with some of my Wet Plate portraits.
In december my new studio was eventually ready for me to move in. The renovation works should have been done by august, but now I can say it was worth waiting for! I celebrated this new work space with giving my first Wet Plate workshop, which was fully booked.

All that sounds pretty amazing, but there was one thing that topped it all: the birth of my daughter Klara.

Exhibitions 2015

This years highlights were the exhibition „Mountains and Magical Places“ at the Continuum Gallery, Königswinter and showing some WetPlate originals in Prague and in the USA.

  • December 2015 to Februrary 2016 „In the heat oft the night“; Continuum Gallery, Königswinter
  • November 2015 analog mania, Timisoara (ROU)
  • September 2015 Art.Fair, Cologne
  • August 2015 „By the Books: A Juried Exhibition“; VCP | Vermont Center for Photography (US)
  • June 2015 Revela-T Photofestival, Barcelona (ESP)
  • May to August 2015 „Alternative Photography“; Zahradník Museum, Prague (CZ)
  • May to June 2015 „Mountains and Magical Places“; Continuum Gallery, Königswinter
  • April 2015 ART BREDA (NL)
  • March to April 2015 „Light Sensitive 2015“; Art Intersection, Gilbert (US)
  • Dec 2014 to March 2015 „In the heat oft the night“; Continuum Gallery, Königswinter
  • Dec 2014 to Feb 2015 „Wet Plate Portraits & MOVEMENTS“; Galerie Lukasczyk, Darmstadt


Preview 2016

It looks like the upcoming year won’t be any less exciting!
Art fair in Miami (USA), “Hellerau Photography Award“ in Dresden, international workshops, alternative printing processes, amazing commercial Wet Plate jobs, my new Wet Plate series ‘NUDES in NATURE’ and the project 16×20″. And certainly a lot more interesting stuff is going to happen along the way.

Stay tuned! 

Art Project – 40 Berliners



A while ago Michael Wickham asked me to be part of his project “40 Berliners”. Michael is a very smart guy who moved to Berlin to produce a portrait project covering 40 artists living and working in Berlin. Usually he’s commuting between London and Sidney – and is now drawn to Berlin as well.
He was very exited that I’m working with the wet plate collodion process and we found a day when I was planning to test some historic lenses I had recently bought. Half an hour north of Berlin is one of my favorite landscape spots that was perfect for Michaels making off shooting and my testings. I tested three different protar lenses with focal lengths between 140 and 325mm.



Usually it takes me a while to get used to working with a new lens, to really explore and understand its unique characteristics. Every lens has it’s very individual way of capturing the light, which goes far beyond the f-stop range and the focal length engraved on the body of the lens itself. That’s why I don’t expect a spectacular outcome when I do testings.

Well, sometimes things develop differently than expected. With two of the three lenses I immediately got amazing results. The last plate I shot that day – and the first ever with this particular lens – was just perfect in every way. And it will become a new member of my Wet Plate Landscape SOURCE Series.



Project 16×20″ Large Format Camera – Part 2

Gibellini 16x20" Large Format Camera


You may have seen Part 1 of the 16×20″ project I posted some weeks ago. At this point the prototype of Gibellini Folding Cameras new 16×20″ large format camera looked already like a usable camera.

But knowing him and his strive to perfection I got the feeling, that only looking like a usable thing is not enough for Alessandro, the founder of Gibellini Folding Cameras. During the last weeks we had an ongoing exchange about details for the new big lady. Therefore I was very happy that Alessandro came all the way from Sassuolo, Italy to Berlin.

(mehr …)

Wet Plate Landscapes SOURCE – Exhibition at Continuum Gallery




You may have seen my wet plate landscapes here on my website, my blog or on facebook. Almost a month ago the exhibition at Continuum Gallery had the official opening. This is a little Video I made for during the opening weekend.



It was the very first time that I’ve shown my new SOURCE Series to a wider audience. For this series I’ve chosen a very exclusive way to present the artwork: High quality giclée prints on handmade fine art paper in two different sizes and a limited edition. Featured in a floating position in a specially made art box covered with non-reflecting gallery glass.


The feedback was great. One person even wrote a beautiful lyric inspired by one of my landscape “silence”.  What an honor for me as an artist being an inspiration in that way.



I also gave a live presentation during the opening. As always people where impressed of what I’m able to do with my wooden camera and some smelly liquids.


 (most pictures are taken by Georg Karlstetter)

The exhibition is still running until July, 13th. So if you have the chance to come to Continuum Gallery. It’s well worth journey.

Project 16×20″ Large Format Camera – Part 1

Last year I visited Alessandro Gibellini, the founder of Gibellini Folding Cameras in Modena, Italy. This smart guy is constructing and building large format cameras in a very modern way, both technically and regarding the design.

Check out his Facebook page to see the latest inventions.

We talked about wet plate photography and cameras in general. I gave him the hint, that beside his 8×10“ cameras a bigger 16×20“could be interesting for him as a camera producer and for me as a wet plate photographer, too.

During the last months we continuously exchanged about our ideas about and the progress of the first prototype of a 16×20“ Gibellini Folding Camera. To be honest: I don’t think Alessandro needs much input from my side – he’s a real brain in thinking and creating new camera-designs. But I hope some details from a wetplaters point of view are helpful to him.



It was quite fun to see the prototype growing step by step.

Now we both are preparing for the first deep dive with the new prototype. Alessandro is going to visit me in Berlin and we will check the big lady in every detail.

Stay tuned I will report our results.

100 Wet Plates – 100 Words | THE BOOK



Dear friends of photography,

I am very happy to announce that my very first book is available as of now.

Those of you who have been with me in the process of the making might easily picture how exciting it was for me to lay my hands on the shipment and unbox the copies.  It was worth waiting for!

And what a brilliant timing for the books to arrive. Exactly one year ago, I took the last portrait of the series „100 Wet Plates 100 Words“.

A lot has happened during that year. My work was shown in 4 exhibitions in Germany and one in the US. And there are more to come. Now it’s about time to present the book and the story behind.

Click here to order your copy now.




I’m happy to announce, that my new Wet Plate Landscape series SOURCE is going to be shown at ART BREDA 2015. I will be represented by the Continuum Gallery.

For this art fair and the upcoming exhibition later this year I created a stunning way to present my work. High quality prints, handmade fine art paper, featured in a floating position in a specially made art box covered with non-reflecting gallery glas.

See you at ART BREDA!